As independent student, it is crucial for you to be able to find accommodation that fits your needs and pockets. And to find such place is not an easy feat, in fact that is one of the top questions often asked by our students. Here we compile some info to get your ideal place to stay while you are studying at Hays International College.

Types of Accommodation

There are many types of accommodations, we have compiled list of most common types of accommodation for students.

Home stay / Private Board

This is a common form of accommodation is where students live with an Australian family. Home stay or private board is where you live with a family, couple or single person/s in their own home.

There are many ‘Home stay Providers’ operating in Australia and these arrangement will vary from Full Board, Part board, or Board in Exchange. The most common arrangements for home stay will usually consist of a furnished room, two or three meals per day and bills (except telephone and internet). Some home stay providers may even do your laundry. The cost may be between AU $170 – AU $220 per week.

The family is generally chosen by the Home stay Provider and allow students an excellent way of settling into the country.

Hostels & Guesthouses

Generally these are temporary accommodation arrangements and are available from AU $25.00 per day to AU $400.00 per week. Prices will depend on shared facilities, meals provided, shared rooms, etc.

Private Leasing / Rentals

The rental market offers a wide range of housing options. Signing a lease on your own for an apartment, flat or house can offer you an independent lifestyle and privacy. You may also plan to stay in this property for the duration of your course.

It can however be very expensive if you choose to live by yourself, as you are solely responsible for the rental payments plus the connection fees for utilities and then ongoing bills. Generally tenants are responsible for connection and usage of water, electricity and gas. Tenants are also responsible for connection and payment of the telephone.

Rental prices vary according to the location and condition of the property. It can be useful to familiarize yourself with the average price of properties in the various suburbs around the University. Rental costs usually increase the closer the property is to the city centre and the University.

Accommodation Costs

Accommodation costs will vary from city to city and the following is an estimate of Melbourne accommodation.

 Always check or The Age newspaper for the current cost of renting in Melbourne.

Type of Accommodation No. of Weeks Weekly Rent / Board Range (A$) Estimated Total ($) Rent or Board and other expenses
Home Living at Home (Board) 52 $20 – $60 $7,200 – $9,600
Sharing Rented House (with 2 others) Close to City 52 $135 – $165 $18,100 – $24,400
Within 10 kilometres of City 52 $105 – $135 $16,400 – $22,700
Regional area 52 $60 – $80 $13,800 – $19,600
Apartment – One Bedroom One bedroom not shared 52 $235 – $285 $23,700 – $31,100
Hostel One bedroom – shared bathroom/kitchen 52 $155 – $190 $19,200 – $25,800
Home stay Living with a local family 40 $220 – $230* $14,500 – $16,70