At Hays

We are committed to make sure all students are treated equally and are able to complete their education with peace of mind


Student Support Services

The Director of Studies, teaching staff and administrative staff of the College are available to provide general advice and assistance with matter such as studying, homework, accommodation, English language problems and counseling. Students requiring special or intensive assistance must contact the Student Services who may refer them to external support services if required.

The College will not charge for support services it supplies or for referring students to external support services. Students will need to pay any fees charged by external support services that they use. A student contact officer will be nominated as your point of contact for all your needs.

Student Orientation Program 

A Student Orientation Program is carried at the commencement of the course. It is mandatory for all students enrolled at Hays International College to attend. At this time you will be provided with a range of information to support your study and living in Australia, and this information will also be given to you in your student handbook.
The Orientation program provides information to students about the study requirements and with issues related to living in Melbourne. During the Orientation session you will receive information about your timetable and classes, and you will meet staff who are able to assist you and answer your questions. You will also be informed about your obligations as a Student Visa holder.


Student Orientation

  • Student prospectus
  • College training and administration staff contact details
  • Student Support Services
  • Staff point of contact for students
  • Emergency contact
  • Fees and fee refunds
  • English skills and study
  • English Proficiency placement test
  • English support classes
  • Recognition of prior learning and credit for prior studies.
  • Student visa conditions
  • Working and your student visa
  • Banking and tax file numbers
  • Course progress requirements
  • Student complaints, grievances and appeals procedure
  • Student code of conduct
  • Keeping address and contact details up-to-date
  • Health insurance and maintaining OSHC
  • Emergency and Health Issues
  • Facilities on Campus
  • Living in Melbourne